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Bring Art to Life
B COMMUNITY is an energetic and innovative creative agency with a passion for bringing an idea to life. We present the creativity of artists through different media spaces.
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Unceasing Exhibition
Create a place that people can visit at any time, whether it is sunny, rainy, rich or ordinary people — 24 art galleries, endless exhibition halls, so that real art/exhibitions can be integrated into life.
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This platform brings together different artists, so people who like their works can communicate with each other.
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Patented Product
It is protected by Intellectual Property (I.P.) , copyright and trademark laws and aims to create an environment conducive to the creation and innovation of artists and their works.
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In 1999 BustArt began his artistic career with classic Graffiti. Until 2005..
Theodoru is an illustrator, color designer and 3D artist from Vienna, Austr..
Shiyuri Shishido is a Japanese artist with a Latin American background. Her..
A local illustrator who often draws.The self at work is often empty, worryi..
Karen Kei is an independent art creator. She grew up in the United States a..
Unsleepman is an art toy designer from Thailand. Unsleepman’s first Art Toy..
Kazy Chan is a post-90s illustrator from Hong Kong. He graduated from the S..
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